Conference interpretation:

As an additional service to our clients, our company only contracts the best freelance interpreters in the industry. Interpreters are selected using very rigorous criteria; including but not limited to qualification, good reputation, tested quality, audible voice, articulation, and expertise to name but a few. Our company can match your conference, workshop, or seminar with the best subject-matter expert interpreters. We are so confident in the quality and capabilities of our interpreter that we entrust them with our reputation.

Our company has a long track record of conferences, workshops, seminars, and field missions; all of which were highly successful. Such a success can certainly be attributed at least partially to our interpreters.

But don’t just take our word for it. You may contact any of our reputable clients, who will definitely verify our claims.

Document translation :

As emphasized above, we only contract the best of the best freelance translators in the market. We only assign highly qualified and tested translators who are also specialized in their respective fields; making sure that we provide the best quality of translation. Our translation process is unique, as we subject the translation to multiple phases of scrutiny: proofreading, editing, and a final proofreading. All of that is done by native speakers of the target language.

What makes us different is our after-sale service; through which we ensure our clients requirements are catered for, with a view to provide a satisfactory service.

With a large freelancer base, in addition to our in-house translators and editors, we can cater for the needs of our client, in terms of delivery deadline and top quality no matter how large the source files or documents are.

Our main area of strength is legal translation. This specific field is managed by highly experienced and subject-matter experts. Therefore, be rest assured that your translation job will be delivered with top notch quality and high accuracy.

Subtitling :

Utilizing the state of art technology, and with the help of our highly-qualified subtitlers, we can also cater for our client film translation needs. We promise top quality and perfect timing.

Logistical Support :

In line with our globalized approach to business, our company relies on its network of local and global professional businesses and individuals to bring the best and most affordable services to your door steps. This network was created through years of satisfactory business exchange, which in most cases transpired into a long-lasting friendly relationship of mutual respect and reciprocal benefit.

With this diverse base of partners, we can provide the following services:

1. Flight and Hotel booking:

Have you decided to come to Jordan but worried about the hoops you have to jump through to find the best travel and accommodation bargain?
If so, then worry no more. We have the best travel and accommodation solutions to fit and even exceed your expectation. We can offer you a wide variety of options to choose from; whether you prefer to travel in style or just would like to opt for affordability. These options also include airport shuttle aboard modern sedans and SUVs.
Bottom line, welcome to Jordan where you can indulge in an experience of a lifetime hassle free.

2. Media:

If you have a scheduled event that you’d like to advertise or publicize, we can also offer the best solutions. Our partners can offer you quality printing-press services for all your conference material; including but not limited to printing of banners, backdrops, brochures, training booklets, and any other material. To that end, you can also benefit from our professional translation service to present the material in the language of your choice.
The media service also includes professional video and still photography. Our photography professionals are well versed with modern photography technology; particularly HD cameras.

3. Catering Services:

If you have a scheduled event that you’d like to cater, then also don’t worry. Our network of partners also got you covered. Food and beverages options range from 5 stars to affordable. Nevertheless, top quality is always guaranteed no matter what your choice might be.
Although the options are seemingly endless, we highly recommend Mediterranean cuisine. Bon appetite

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